BioHelpers provides first-class crime scene cleanup services. We will disinfect the affected vicinity provide unrivaled service. We have over 13 years of speciality experience in this area and provide immediate support in your time of need. This type of cleanup is provided for suicide, trauma and after crime scene cleanup.

Unlike standard janitorial or maid cleaning services, Bio Hazard Cleaning calls for unique training to recognize proper decontaimination and removal of Biohazards and Bio Waste such as blood, bodily fluid and urine and feces. BioHelpers uses an a high tech contamination testing tool called an ATP test to identify the growing micro-organisms. This ensures the removal of bacteria at the micro level home allowing you to feel safe and have a clean start.

BioHelpers understands that the circumstances which result in the need for Crime Scene Cleanup services may often feel embarrassing and cause anxiety. From the initial visit, to the very last inspection, you will be treated with care and compassion. We will not rest until your home is completely restored back to normal. For other details visit