Biohazard Blood Cleanup Companies

Blood contamination can happen in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, and the damage and threat can range based on several factors. The reasons for spilled blood are often due to injury or illness, from a violent incident, or from suicide or murder.

The longer it takes to begin a cleanup, the harder it may be to salvage effected items and areas. In addition, when blood contains bacteria, delays will worsen the consequences of exposure. Where there’s been an unattended death or crime scene, decaying and decomposing blood becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms that release toxins.


There’s nothing simple about cleaning up spilled blood. Because of the serious threat of toxins and blood pathogens, cleaning it up goes far beyond the removal of a stain.

A pathogen is anything that can cause a disease. Because there are so a good deal of potential blood-borne pathogens, the cleanup of blood is fraught with danger. From the common Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections, to the highly communicable and deadly HIV and AIDS pathogens, the blood sanitization process requires the expertise of professional blood clean up companies.

The decomposition of biological remains, which begins immediately upon death, can present serious bio hazards.

Harmful bacteria are released through blood and other bodily fluids and are easily absorbed into any material it touches.

Normal cleaning and de-odorizing methods are ineffective.

An exhaustive knowledge of how dangerous bacteria behaves and are eliminated is crucial to the biohazard extraction process.

The longer you wait the harder it can be to redeem your home and belongings, so be sure to place a call to BioHelpers as soon as possible.

Biohazard Blood Cleanup

Blood clean up differs greatly from traditional forms of cleaning. The proper sanitization process involves the use of industry-grade supplies and CDC-approved methods.

Disinfecting and thorough cleaning services ensure that microorganisms ranging from fungi, bacteria and viruses don’t fester and further affect you, your family members, or your tenants.

Unsalvageable items at the scene are disposed of with the utmost precaution. However, every effort is made to salvage your belongings.

We have more information on what we do at BioHelpers in the way of blood cleanup here.