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Emergency vehicles are home to loads of potentially harmful pathogens. EMS teams do their best to keep the surfaces clean, but the safe transport of patients is their main focus. This leaves harmful bacteria in the ambulance putting patients at risk.

At BioHelpers we are passionate about preventing the spread of disease and keeping first responders healthy. We work with cities and private companies to conduct routine deep cleaning and sanitization of emergency vehicles. Our teams know that dangerous bacteria can grow in any corner, so we cleanse and sanitize every nook and cranny to prevent the spread of bacteria..

BioHelpers can is available to provide emergency vehicle decontamination services to fleets on a contract basis. Safety is our number one goal and we want to help you prevent the spread of disease.

Unlike standard cleaning, bio cleaning requires special training to properly remove biohazards, including blood and bacteria. BioHelpers uses an ATP test to identify growing microorganisms and ensure every surface in the vehicle is disease free, reducing the transmission of diseases.

Please complete the form below or give us a call at (800) 484-0317 to request Emergency Vehicle Decontamincation service.