What is involved in a crime scene cleanup and other cleanup situations?

Crime scene clean up happens in five general stages:

  1. Assess: We assess the situation to see exactly what needs to be done to restore the area to a clean and healthy environment. We keep a look out for evidence overlooked by authorities and report any findings.
  2. Remove: Our team removes any biohazardous materials that are beyond restoration. This can include carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, fixtures, etc. The owner is always consulted before we remove items from the property.
  3. Cleanse: We clean spots, stains, splatters, etc., so that the area is restored to a normal state.
  4. Sanitize: Our team uses appropriate sanitation methods to destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses ensuring that you are left with a clean and safe environment.
  5. Deodorize: We remove odor causing elements so that the area no longer stinks.

Why is crime scene cleaning dangerous?

Bodily fluids contain many contagious diseases like hepatitis and AIDS.  Further, crime scenes may have biohazardous waste products present like needles, medical devices, or other. Some items are impossible to move without touching the fluids, so it is important to wear proper protective equipment and use the right chemical cleaners.

How long does crime scene cleanup take?

Crime scene cleanup usually takes 4-8 hours depending on the severity of the site. We’ve had large jobs take as long as 2 days, but this is extremely rare. Our team will give you a time estimate once onsite.

Why hire a biohazard cleanup company?

A biohazard cleaning company does three things:

  1. The ferderal law considers anythings with bodily fluids, blood, tissues or other human and animal properties on it is biohazardous. Therefore, state and federal regulations require specific procedures for disposal. At BioHelpers, we have the experience to properly clean and dispose of these items.
  2. Bacteria and viruses all respond to cleaning products in different ways. As such, it is important to know what potential diseases you’re trying to kill and to select the right cleaning agent for the job. Selecting the wrong product could mean leaving behind harmful germs. We train our staff members to know the right chemicals for every job.
  3.  A crime scene is traumatic. It is unlikely that homeowners, office managers, property managers, and loved ones know what to do in these situations. BioHelpers walks you through each step until the job is done.

What kind of chemicals do we use?

Rather than select one universal product, we use a variety of cleaners and chemicals. In order to protect personal belongings as well as kill various diseases, our team will select the right cleaning agent for the job once they arrive onsite.  Also, all of our cleaners are certified by the EPA.

Will my insurance cover this?

Many homeowners insurance policies cover crime scene and other clean ups. Our staff works with insurance companies regularly, so we are glad to help you through the insurance process. We can answer your questions as well as their questions to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Can anyone call for cleanup service?

Yes, we service personal residents, businesses, and more. No one is exempt from our cleaning service. We are here to help restore your space to a safe and healthy environment.

Please complete the form below or give us a call at   (215) 282-5173 to request Crime Scene Cleanup service.

Our technicians can be onsite in 2-4 hours.