Feces and Urine Cleanup

If your property has a build-up of human or animal feces or urine then you need to get help immediately. You shouldn’t try to clean these up yourself as it will often require specialist equipment, clothing, and training, all of which the staff at Biohelpers are equipped with.

Tapeworms, Salmonella, Ringworms and Campylobacter are just a few of the harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses that thrive in excrement and they can also pose a severe threat to your health, with symptoms ranging from illness right up to death.

With such high risks associated with cleaning feces and urine, it’s even more important that you don’t attempt this yourself and instead, leave it to the professionals.

  • Feces Cleanup

Mice, rats and other animals, insects or rodents can infest your property with droppings and although an exterminator can rid your property of the rodents, the droppings which were left behind can still pose a danger to your family.

Feces carry many different viruses which pose a direct threat to the health of you and your family when either touched or inhaled and as the viruses from feces can become airborne it is even more important that you act quickly. If left for too long the feces can destroy carpets, flooring and other pieces of furniture, requiring these to be completely removed.

Odors from the feces and the rodents themselves can also become more prevalent, posing another problem and another issue to be handled by the professionals.

The scent of a rodent can remain even after extermination, therefore it is vital that the area affected is not only completely cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected but that also any odors are removed to prevent airborne bacteria being inhaled and to get rid of the strong smells.

  • Urine Clean up

Whether through animals or humans, urine is something that requires immediate cleaning and shouldn’t be left to fester. The longer you wait before trying to clean a urine stain the harder it will be and the worse it will smell.

Certain materials can trap stains and odors into them, making it difficult to remove and making the smell more pungent and troublesome.
Just like the feces, urine stains that are left untreated could lead to other, more severe problems such as mold and the rapid growth of harmful bacteria in the home.

  • Is urine a biohazard?

A Biohazard, which can include a substance, virus or toxin, is something that can pose a threat to human health or life.

The OSHA has definitions on what types of urine are to be classified as a biohazard and how they should be removed. However, it is worth noting that urine spills in your home, especially animal urine and urine which is left untreated for a long period of time, should be treated as potentially dangerous. Once left untreated and as it is absorbed into the materials and substances surrounding the spill, bacteria can multiply leading to dangerous airborne pathogens being spread through the air.

Urine should be treated as a biohazard and removed immediately.

  • Do I need a professional cleaner?

A cleaning company that specializes in feces cleanup and urine cleanup is one of the best investments you can make if you are struggling with human or animal waste.

Not only will the professionals have the best equipment for the job and the protective clothing that a job like this absolutely requires but they will also have a level of experience of dealing with jobs just like yours, that won’t phase or intimidate them.

Often with feces and urine clean up the main problem is not cleaning away the waste, but actually the harder jobs of removing traces of bacteria, harmful pathogens and strong, pungent and dangerous odors.

A professional remediation expert will have the tools required to do this and will be able to completely rid your house of any traces of bacteria or smells, safely and effectively, returning your property to a safe and hospitable condition.

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