Pet urine and feces are the most dangerous bio-hazards that a homeowner has to deal with. Urine and feces clean up is very important as failing to do so can cause serious health issues if left untreated. If any of your family members gets in direct contact with animal excrement, they will come in contact with harmful bacteria and can catch various diseases and infections.

Importance of Urine and Feces Clean Up

Proper Cleanup of urine and feces can prevent various diseases from spreading. If anybody comes in contact with bodily fluids such as urine, feces (poop), blood, and vomit, it can cause the spread of deadly bacteria and viruses such as C. Diff.

Exposure to cat feces (poop) can cause serious illness in humans and is known as toxoplasmosis. Exposure to Toxoplasma gondii can cause flu symptoms within a short period of time. As the parasite develops, it can cause brain inflammation and can also affect heart, livers, eyes and ears.

An unhealthy amount of ammonia is contained in the urine of all species.  Cat urine exposure to large volumes of concentrated amounts of ammonia can cause respiratory diseases and can also cause serious skin and eye issues. Along with evaporation of urine, ammonia is dispelled in gaseous form. This can further lead to damage of nasal passages and even the lungs.

If you want to clean urine, blood and other bodily fluids yourself, you should be aware of the harmful effects on you. Lack of safety measures and protective gear can cause your body to come in direct contact with these unhealthy bacteria and can result in harmful diseases. It is always preferred to call professional biohazard cleanup company to manage the proper cleaning process.

At BioHelpers, we have a professional team that is capable of handling and cleaning of blood, urine, bodily fluids and feces (poop). We offer professional clean up services and use the best products to clean the area. Even if you need blood and bodily fluid clean up for your vehicle, home or business site, we are always ready to help you. Whenever you call us, if needed, we will be onsite within 4 hours and to start our work.

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