MRSA Can Be a Life Changer

On a beautiful day in late June of 2014, Maria Leal was a lovely bride enjoying the best day of her life. By July, just 2 weeks later, Maria was in the ICU fighting for her life. Shortly after her wedding, Maria mysteriously contracted MRSA. She was at work one day when she felt so tired she decided to head home. By the time she got there, Maria couldn’t lie on her back, her pain so acute. Her husband came home and treated her for the flu but took her to the ER when her symptoms continue to worsen over the next hour.

Maria was misdiagnosed with strep throat, treated with antibiotics and sent home. Unable to keep the medicine down, and with a temperature of 103 degrees, the Leals headed back to the ER. She was admitted to ICU with a high fever, nausea, shortness of breath and chest pain and then she began to cough up blood and her lungs began to shut down. After a comprehensive blood test, visits from several doctors and finally an infectious diseases specialist, she was diagnosed with MRSA.

The doctors promptly quarantined and treated Maria with an antibiotic that is active against MRSA and she began showing improvement. She was released but shortly readmitted when it was discovered that she’d contracted a secondary infection. Maria is much better today, with the exception of a lingering, chronic cough.

MRSA Can Be a Life Changer

At Bio Helpers, we deal with a lot of serious bio situations and events. MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a scary one because it’s highly contagious and resistant to common antibiotics. MRSA skin infections can be picked up anywhere but is most commonly contracted in health care facilities where it can contaminate wounds after surgery, pneumonia, or from catheters.

MRSA is one of the bacteria listed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as asuperbugresistant to multiple antibiotics. For that reason, identifying effective treatment is often delayed resulting in a variety of medical maladies such as soft tissue infections, heart valve infections, bone infections, abscesses in organs, joint infections, or bloodstream infections.

MRSA Can Be a Life Changer

If your home, workplace or vehicle has been exposed to MRSA, it’s a bio hazard that must be eliminated as quickly and effectively as possible.

Not only do you not have to clean up after MRSA exposure, you should not. These situations require bio hazard knowledge and expertise. You should not have to worry if you or a traditional cleaning company did an adequate job of clean up. The consequences of left-behind contaminates can be devastating.

In addition, the scope of cleanup is not always easily identified with the naked eye. Bio Helpers assumes that responsibility, and we will completely restore the decontaminated environment. If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, then we are the right fit for you.

Bio Helpers has trained technicians available to properly handle MRSA clean up. Our products are EPA certified and guaranteed to kill MRSA. We know getting your home or facility cleaned and sanitized is important so you those around you can stay safe and healthy.