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BioHelpers understands the sensitivity around these cleanup types. Our technicians deliver best-in-class cleanup coupled with compassion and total law enforcement cooperation.


First we want to understand your situation and educate you on the best clean up process. When you call us we won't jump right into pricing. We can’t take away what you’ve been through but we can make it better.


Our trained and compassionate teams can be onsite within 2-4 hours to begin the cleanup process. We’ll assess the damage, take pictures before, during and after and restore your home to it’s original condition.


After the cleanup and repair have been completed, we will take care of submitting and following up on insurance claims. Having a clean, bacteria free home will give you a fresh start so you can begin the process of moving on.

We understand that the events which lead to a need for our services are often traumatic and heartbreaking. Throughout our whole process our focus is always on caring for you. From the rst call to the nal inspection, you will be treated with care and compassion.

Unlike standard cleaning, bio cleaning requires special training to understand proper removal of biohazards, including blood, urine and feces. BioHelpers uses an ATP test, a rapid test to identify growing microorganisms. This ensures the removal of bacteria from your home allowing you to feel safe and have a fresh start.

If you need biohazard clean up you want it done quickly and with care. It requires intensive training and experience to properly remove bacteria left behind from traumatic events. Biohazard clean up can't be completed by any run of the mill cleaning or restoration company.

Is it worth risking your health to not use a professional biohazard cleaning company? Do you really want to work with a business who is more interested in the payout than caring for you and your home?

BioHelpers specializes in compassion and our goal is always to give superior service. From the first call, to the final inspection, you will be treated with care and compassion.