Unattended death clean up – What you need to know

Understanding unattended death

When someone passes away, alone, this is referred to as an unattended death. Often they live away from their family and friends and due to the deceased being alone, the body is sometimes not found for days, weeks or even longer, which can lead to further complications with cleaning the property after the body has been removed.

Decomposition after an unattended death

Following death, our organic bodily tissue breaks down which is a process known as decomposition.

It’s a natural process that can begin to occur immediately after death and can have a profound effect on the body, once found, in an unattended death situation.

In many examples, the body is found after neighbors notice a smell coming from the home of the deceased or if they haven’t been seen for a few days.

However, by this point, decomposition will have already begun.

Some of the effects of decomposition are bloating, leakage from the body, teeth, and nails falling out, a smell arising from the body and the body beginning to liquify. Potentially harmful bacteria can also be released from the body into the surrounding area and the air, causing a very strong odor to emit and causing certain materials nearby to absorb the odor, bodily fluids, and potentially dangerous pathogens that have become airborne.

For these reasons, cleaning after an unattended death is extremely important and will differ greatly from normal household cleaning. In some cases items must be disposed of completely, not merely washed and cleansed, making it all the more important to hire a bio remediation specialist.

Cleaning after an unattended death

Due to the decomposition of the body following an unattended death and the potentially dangerous nature of the bacteria which is left behind, it is advised that you don’t attempt to clean up after a death and instead, leave it to the professionals.

Once the body has been found it is the responsibility of the family to arrange the cleanup, which puts you in a very uncomfortable position.

No one should have to see their family member in the process of decomposition or be left to deal with the hazardous materials which can be left behind.
The standard clean up process of scrubbing and cleaning an area will only do so much and often this will not rid an area of harmful bacteria, blood-borne pathogens or strong odors that have been absorbed into the area.

A death clean up team will have the specialist training and equipment required to safely and effectively clean and restore the house back to a livable, safe and hospitable condition.

They will free the site of harmful bacteria and blood-borne pathogens and will dispose of any porous materials which have become infected with strong odors, bodily fluids or bacteria; this may mean removing flooring, drywall, carpet or furniture but all will be done safely, securely and discretely.

Although it is tempting to try to clean the site yourself following an unattended death, the associated risks are just too great and it could put your health, your family’s health and the health of any future clients at risk.

Safe, discrete and your satisfaction guaranteed

An unattended death and the following clean up process are sensitive issues that require care and understanding as the situation is handled.
No-one should have to see their relatives in such a condition and in a time of mourning, you shouldn’t be left to clean, sanitize and dispose of furniture, whilst also risking your own health.

Bio-helpers provide a discrete service as our technicians go about their work quietly and respectfully, all the while sensitive to your family’s needs.
The site will be tested and treated to locate and destroy all traces of harmful bacteria and any materials which have been contaminated with bodily fluids or bacteria will be disposed of securely, safely and discretely.

Once complete all of our work carries our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if in the unlikely uneven you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, we will return to the property and we won’t stop until you’re happy.

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