An unattended death occurs when an individual dies without a witness. This happens when someone commits suicide or when a person dies who does not have love ones or family nearby  and when the body is not found for days, weeks, or even months.

What Does Unattended Death Mean?


Unattended death is a term used to refer to a scenario where a person dies and his or her body is not found for days, several weeks, or even months. Unattended death occurs when a person commits suicide or dies a natural death but he or she doesn’t have family members or friends to check on them. It is not an easy task to deal with the death of a loved one. You find that this adds to the challenge when dealing with the unattended death of someone close to you.

What Is the Meaning of Unattended Death Cleanup

• Disturbance caused by the decomposing body: when someone dies, the intestinal tract releases bacteria that causes the corpse to decay and bloat at a high rate. No one would like to see their loved one in such a state.

• Decomposition cleanup safety and health hazards: the biological material and airborne bacteria released by the body after death can be hazardous to the individuals at the scene and can affect their well-being and safety of immediate home occupants negatively if it is not restored properly. In a matter of facts, even little biological material if left on the scene can lead to serious physical damage to the occupants of the home as well as their comfort within hours.

Luckily, you are not alone in trying to clean an unattended death scene because of the presence of bio-remediation companies whom you can hire to help you deodorize, sanitize and clean the scene fully. Bio-Hazard experts have licenses, tools and protective gears that are needed to clean up the unattended death scene safely and thoroughly. Below you will find a list that of things that biohazard professionals use for decomposition cleanup, which is referred to as an unattended death checklist:

• Biohazard waste containers
• Enzyme solvents
• Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) fluorescence testing for verifying sanitation level
• Hospital-grade disinfectants
• Our proprietary Bio-Wash process

Cleaning Unattended Death Scene – Don’t Do the Job Alone

Cleaning an unattended death scene is among the most challenging cleanup scenarios that someone can face. After death, the decomposing body releases potentially harmful bacteria and fluids that can causes illnesses and impact the home environment negatively. This is a reason as to why you are advised not to clean the unattended death scene without services provided by professional unattended death cleanup companies such as BioHelpers or other related companies.

Services Offered By Professional Bio-remediation Company

Professional Bio-remediation company (which is also referred to as trauma cleanup or crime scene cleanup company) deodorize, sanitize, and clean properties and homes affected by contamination, suicides, and crimes. For preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases, Bio-remediation professionals follow approved sanitation, wear protective equipment (PPE), and conduct a fluorescence test using the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to ensure the scene is sanitized to hospital-grade levels of sanitization. What is not a part of the services is health information of deceased individuals or family-members.

Always Contact A Professional for Unattended Death Cleanups

In retrospective, it is worth to mention when someone questions, what is unattended death, it is referred to an individual that passes away without a witness to notice and not found for days, weeks and even months. Cleaning an unattended death scene is usually left to the family members, but it is not advisable to do the job all alone. Always contact a licensed professional bioremediation company to help you with an unattended death scene cleaning job.