BioHazard and Specialty Disinfectant Cleanup takes a special set of skills. Much of the resulting contamination from general and specific exposure of harmful bacteria and virus/diseases can be easy miss. Therefore, our trained technicians are experts in BioHazard and Specialty Disinfectant Cleanup cleanup and decontamination techniques. These methods are guaranteed to prevent the spread of bloodborne diseases as well as other bacteria. In addition, they will restore the affected area to its its original condition. Unlike standard cleaning, bio cleaning requires special training to properly remove biohazards, including blood, bacteria and bodily fluids as well as contagions from the effected area. Following a disinfection/decontamination event,, BioHelpers uses a highly effective ATP test to ensure that the site has been completely decontaminated. We are the premier BioHazard and Specialty Disinfectant Cleanup experts in the greater Philadelphia area (and all of New Jersey).



Our experienced team can be onsite within 2-4 hours if needed. We’ll do a thorough examination of the effected area and use the prescribed cleaning methods needed to return your home or place of business  to its original condition. We will also photograph the entire process so that we can submit documentation directly to your insurance provider for a reimbursement.


The cleaning process can, in fact, spread contaminants if not done properly. BioHelpers develops and customized plan before we start each job to ensure biohazards are safely contained and eliminated. Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times.


Removing and transporting regulated medical waste requires DEP permitting and a strict disposal process. BioHelpers has all of the necessary credentials needed to safely and legally remove any contaminated material.


Multiple inspections are done as part of the work process using our “double eyes” technique so every area is cleaned right the very first time. Our cleanup service features a 100% clean guarantee.


Following a cleanup, BioHelpers uses a highly effective ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test to ensure that the site has been completely decontaminated.


BioHelpers was established to bring excellent service to the bio cleaning industry. Our founders have over 15 years of industry experience before starting this BioHelpers location in Philadelphia and New Jersey. We developed proven strategies to effectively clean, sanitize and deodorize any situation we may encounter. Our teams clean homes, apartment complexes, hotel rooms, schools and office buildings. We will clean almost any area affected by a contaminate, including blood or bodily fluid.

Our Promise

When you call BioHelpers, it is likely that one of the owners will personally answer the phone or return the call within minutes. Our team can typically provide service within 2-4 hours of your call. Our promise is to provide the absolute best customer care and best pricing on the market.


When we arrive at a location, we realize that the situation is often distressing. That is why discretion is our priority. As a result, we use unmarked vehicles. Additionally, we will answer any questions that you have before we begin.

100% Clean Guarantee

Our disinfection services features a 100% clean guarantee. If we leave any contamination behind, we will return at no cost to finish the work. However, we have a near 100% performance rate. Multiple inspections are done as part of the work process using our “double eyes” technique so every area is cleaned right the very first time. We want to restore your home or office to a safe and healthy environment so you can get back to your daily life.


We recognize that certain events can be distressing, disturbing and even heartbreaking. From the first call to final inspection, our commitment is to compassion for everyone involved. We can’t erase what you’ve been through, but we can be a source of comfort. We can also restore your home or office to a clean, healthy environment. BioHelpers is a company that understands the sensitivity around decomposition, general and specific disinfection cleanups as well as other types of concerns. You can trust that we understand your position and we’ll provide you with the best service available. We will be sensitive to you and your loved ones during this difficult time. In the most troublesome of conditions, you can rely upon us to provide unparalleled help, with care and sympathy. Contact us now and find out how BioHelpers can assist you and your family restore your home and your life.

Hours of Operation

BioHelpers are ready to help you day or night (24/7/365). We’ve assembled a team of experts who are capable of helping friends and families in a crisis. We provide unattended death cleanup and other types of biohazard remediation, including general and specific disinfection services.

Coverage Area

We provide BioHazard cleanup services in the greater Philadelphia area. This includes Center City, North Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, Society Hill, University City, Northern Liberties, Port Richmond, Upper Darby as well as Roxborough and Manayunk. Our services are available in all of the Philadelphia suburbs as well. This includes Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, as well as in New Jersey in Camden County, Burlington County and Mercer County.


OSHA legislation states that bio liquids should be treated as biohazards, especially in a work area. BioHelpers complies with or exceeds health insurance and safety standards established by local authorities, the EPA and OSHA. We focus on educating the general public about the dangers of blood and bodily fluids and the need of professional cleaning and remediation services. We are devoted to teaching people about the dangers of biohazards and the need for expert cleaning and remediation.  Our experienced technicians deliver best-in-class cleanup coupled with compassion leaving you and your loved ones with a sense that our team really cares about bringing your home or place of business back to new again.

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